Brilliant! Disturbing Error "0x85d" is Repaired.

"Hey guys, I received 0x85d popup error code when I was watching TV shows online and I don't know how to remove this crazy 0x85d error. I wonder how to fix it and block it forever. Any suggestion will be thankful." -- Evan Sanders

Symptom of 0x85d Error

The symptoms of "0x85d" are:
  • 0x85d error messages arise constantly;
  • The personal computer functions much slower than usual;
  • Programs exit accidentally;
  • Windows shut-down or re-start for no reason;


To stay away from "0x85d" error in future, there are 2 approach waiting for you, manual and aumatic methods. For users who are speciluzed in computer aspect, the manual solution won't be a bad selection, while for common users, applying an intelligent repair tool like SmartPCFixer will be of high-efficience, it will not only help to troubleshoot current error with simple clicks, but it can also detect all potential threats and prevent them from your system. In this article, you will get both two solutions and select the one which is suitable for you.

How to Fix 0x85d ?

1.Hit the 0x85d error repair tool free download button and set it up on your laptop pr computer.

2. Start the the software, it will set up a compelte scan for your pc automatically, and it will generate a result of errors and threats which need to be resolved on your computer.

3. With clicking on 'Fix All' button, the 0x85d error will be fixed as well as other problems which was detected in the second move.

How to fix 0x85d Manually ?

Step 1. Uninstall Suspicious Application.

  • Click "Start" Button, clicking Control Panel;
  • manually fix 0x85d

  • Select "Program and Function" option and click;
  • program_win7

  • Choose the program you want to uninstall and double click.
  • 0x85d fixing step3

Step 2. Run SFC to Fix 0x85d Error.

  • Press Win+R button on your keyboard;
  • Type "cmd", press "Enter";
  • Type SFC /SCANNOW in the command window;
  • Press ENTER.

Notice: The full name of SFC is System File Checker, it is an utility in windows that allows users to scan for corruptions in windows system data files and restore damaged files.Don't close this Command Prompt window till the verification is 100% complete. The scan results will probably be shown when this process is completed.

Step 3. See Whether 0x85d Errors was Removed.

After above steps, you might get system messages that tell you system files are repaired successfully. Or if you are told there are still other errors need to be fixed, then you can consider to try other mthod -- SmartPCFixer.

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